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How to avoid piling on the xmas pounds..

  How to not pile on the pounds over xmas…   If Christmas was really only one day then we wouldn’t really need to worry about piling on the pounds, but as Santa arrived at Harrods about a month ago and the lights have been on at Oxford street since mid-November. This is the reason […]

Listen to your belly

Listen to your belly   As I mentioned in the last newsletter, losing weight doesn’t need to be a complicated science, for 95% of us it is just eating less, eating better quality food and doing more exercise. This newsletter is focusing on eating less. It’s not rocket science, but if you eat less you […]

Triggers of weight gain

Triggers of weight gain   Regulating your insulin levels Everything I promote with regards to weight loss always comes back to regulating your insulin levels. I have spoken about this many times before in my blog http://www.energise-personaltraining.com/category/your-health/. But here is a quick recap. After consuming a meal, digestion occurs; the carbohydrates are broken down into […]

How much sugar are you really eating?

How much sugar are you eating?   The main reason people find it tough to lose body fat is that they are eating way too much sugar.  One of the problems is that many people want to eat healthily and cut out their sugar but they have no idea how much sugar is actually in […]

Correcting Poor Posture

Poor posture and what you can do about it   It is highly likely that you will have some level of postural imbalance even if you are not aware of it. Very few people have the ideal posture, where the muscles tension is balanced and the joints are in alignment. Poor posture may be the […]

Healthy Snacking Ideas

Snacking, which ones to have and when.. I am always asked about snacking ideas, as one of the toughest parts of eating healthily is falling down on sweets/ fizzy drinks/ chocolate and crisps etc. All of which are empty calories and add to your on-going sugar cravings. To help you lose weight you need to […]

Good fats vs bad fats

Good fats vs bad fats   One of the first things people cut out why trying to lose weight is fats, but there are so many fats and oils out there and some are essential to our diet and are actually good for us. Here is some information to help you pick and avoid the […]

Stretching, whats the point?

Stretching, why bother its boring?!   I know it can be boring and perceived as a waste of time but it is really not. If you want to be more powerful, run that race faster, kick or throw the ball further, increase your energy and generally be fitter, take the time to stretch. Flexibly is […]

Healthy Pancake recipes

Pancake Day! Happy Shrove Tuesday all! Pancake day can typically be a day of overeating and piling on the sugar, so I thought I would give you a couple of healthy recipes so you can enjoy the pancakes without the guilt. The main issue with the pancakes is that they are typically made with white […]

How Breakfast can help you lose weight..

Breakfast… Why is can help you lose weight I know all of you will have heard a million times before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but still so many people don’t believe this and are either skipping breakfast or eating all the wrong things. So my goal today is to […]