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Anti- Oxidants.. whats all the fuss??

Anti-Oxidants…. What’s all the fuss?   At the moment you can hardly go a couple of days without hearing the words anti-oxidants either in the news, on the TV or on packaging. So this week I wanted to explain what they are and why everyone is talking about them. So firstly, what are they? Simply […]

Glycaemic Index or Glycaemic Load

I am sure many of you have heard of the term low GI/ low Glycaemic Index foods. Many people know that they are good for you but most don’t know what foods they include or why they are good for you. I will explain the reason below, but if you just want to skip all […]

Top 9 Myths and Misconceptions in Fitness

I hear so many of the same concerns and questions so I thought I would I just get them all out and explain why they are rubbish!   1. Muscle turns into fat Muscles don’t actually turn into fat as they are very different body tissues and it is not physically possible from one to […]

Core Training and Stability

This week I wanted to talk about core strength and stability. As you will all know by now I am constantly talking about core strength and you won’t make it through a session when I haven’t got you doing a good handful of core exercises. I wanted to explain a little more about the importance […]

Insulin – The fat storage hormone

Insulin is a hormone which was discovered in 1921. It is produced by your pancreas and has been given the name of the ‘Fat storage hormone’. Insulin is vital for survival and ongoing health however if over produced, it lives up to its name and will create a fat storage environment within your body – […]