Eat Chocolate cake to lose lbs…

Eat chocolate cake and lose lbs 🙂

Watching what you eat and trying to be good 7 days a week is tough, and usually unrealistic while trying to lead a normal life. And the good news is, it’s not necessarily the best way to lose body fat.

You’ve probably heard me talk about cheat meals before, but almost everyone is using them in the wrong way. I’m going to explain why they work and secondly how to use them to help you lose body fat.

So, firstly why they work….

1.Having a cheat meal once a week will kick start your metabolism. Being on a strict nutrition plan will obviously help you lose weight, but your body will start to adapt and plateau. Having a high calorie meal shocks the body and recharges your metabolism.

2. If you are on a strict reduced calorie plan or are cutting carbs the other hormones in your body can decrease. These include the thyroid hormones T3 & T4, which regulate your metabolism, and Leptin, which suppresses your appetite. Having a cheat meal boosts these levels and starts the fat burning process.

Now.. how to successfully use cheat meals.

1. First thing to understand is this is a cheat MEAL, not a cheat day. Pick what you fancy and enjoy it. Burger and chips with milkshake, pizza, cake, curry. Have as much as you like for one sitting.

2.Try to stay away from transfats. Shop bought cakes, dominos pizzas and processed foods. Instead choose home made cakes, biscuits etc. Your body can’t breakdown transfats.

3. To make this work best for your body, eat clean and lean food for 12 days before having your first cheat meal. Then have a cheat meal once a week. A good idea is to start on Monday for 12 days, which will take your first cheat meal to a Saturday.