Fancy a smaller belly?

The tummy is the number one topic for weight loss. It’s true that it is a tough area to combat. Especially as stress and lifestyle play a big part in our cortisol levels. Plus, we typically consume way too many of the wrong types of carbs, resulting in the storage of stomach fat. There are three main points that cause stomach fat. What you eat, when you eat and your rest. 21 days give it a go!

What you eat is obviously very important.

1.Foods to cut out- White & refined carbs. All breads, pastas, white rice, noodles, white potatoes, cakes, chocolates, pastries & cereals. I promise this will help. Continue to have carbs in your diet, but keep to brown rice, oats, sweet potato & quinoa. It’s hard to do, as bread, pasta etc is so readily available, but it’s very possible, and it works.

2. When you eat is also very important.
a. EVERY morning have breakfast. Porridge, eggs, yogurt etc. are all good choices.
b. Eat something ASAP of your workout. Ideally within 15 mins-1hr post training. During this short window, your muscles are depleted of glycogen and the cell membrane is more permeable. Basically this means the food will be broken down and stored in your muscles rather than your belly during this period.

3.Sleep! Your body needs rest. Lack of sleep causes an increase in cortisol levels, which leads to fat being stored on the belly. It also interferes with your levels of ghrelin. This is a hormone that tells your brain you are hungry. This is why on days after a late night you quite often crave carbs or never feel fully satisfied.