How Breakfast can help you lose weight..

Breakfast… Why is can help you lose weight

I know all of you will have heard a million times before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but still so many people don’t believe this and are either skipping breakfast or eating all the wrong things.

So my goal today is to convince you of the importance of breakfast and give you some ideas.

One of the main excuses I hear is that I just don’t have time in the morning, which is rubbish (I am conscious of sounding a little like my parents right now!). Would you rather have a smaller waist line and less wobbly bits or 10 minutes longer in bed? 10 minutes come on, that is all it takes.


Reasons to have breakfast EVERY day:

1.       Skipping breakfast increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. To be honest I shouldn’t need to write any more points, but here are a couple more.

2.       Helps you lose weight. This may seem like a contradiction asking you to eat in order to lose weight, but there are many proven reasons why.

a.       It kick starts you metabolism and tells your body to start burning calories. If you eat dinner at 7 and then not again until lunch that is a good 18 hours of not eating.

b.      It helps your body function efficiently. If you eat a nutritious breakfast, (which should include, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals) your body can start to operate properly. But if you deprive it of these nutrients, then it will start to store fat and go into starvation mode. The majority of obese people are actually suffering from malnutrition as they are eating all the wrong foods and not getting enough nutrients.

c.       A good healthy breakfast puts you on the right track early in the day. You more likely to eat and crave sugary fatty foods all day if this is how you start, and the opposite is also true.

d.      Stops you over eating at lunch. Plus, many overweight people skip breakfast but reach for a sugary snack mid-morning- breakfast stops this.

3.       Helps your concentration and focus. You will function much better at work or at home with your kids after a good nutritious breakfast.

4.       Breakfast elevates your mood. Not only is it fab to be in a positive mood, it is also important to remain positive when trying to lose weight. We have all had those low days when we think only Ben and Jerry can save us.

5.       If you have kids, all these facts are just as true for them.  Just because children seem to like sugary processed breakfasts, doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Their bodies function and operate the same way as ours do, plus they look at us for good habits.

Ok, so those are some of the reasons to eat breakfast, now here are some ideas. As I mentioned before you ideally want a mix of protein, carbs, fat and vitamins and minerals.


The main thing to know here is to avoid sugary processed cereals. Go for high fibre ones such as bran flakes, Weetabix and shredded wheat. Add milk or natural yogurt, plus fruit such as blueberries, kiwi, apple, banana, strawberries etc.  Dried fruit and nuts.

Muesli. Go for muesli that has no added sugar or salt. Add the same type of ingredients as above.



Eggs are a brilliant breakfast as they are packed full of protein,  high in iron, calcium, vitamin D (protects bones and boosts immunity) and are less than 80 calories per egg.  Plus they boost satiety, which stops your body craving more.

Fried eggs are obviously not the best, but poached, boiled, scrambled and omelette are all great. Have them with: 

·         wholemeal bread

·         Salmon

·         Mackerel

·         Gilled bacon

·         Good quality sausages

·         Chorizo

·         Spinach

·         Tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms are all great chopped and fried along with scrambled eggs.





To be honest this is my personal favourite and I think I am a little addicted to porridge! Make it from scratch as it is so easy and much cheaper and healthier.

Have it with milk and water, which ever proportions you prefer. Add:

·         Whatever you like! It’s like cereal and muesli, where you can do whatever suits your taste buds. Great options are, fruit, cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts, honey, yoghurt etc.




Toast/ Bagels


These are fine, but make sure they are wholemeal to keep you blood sugar levels low and to add foods that will make up the protein and vitamins. Ideas:

·         Peanut butter and banana/ apple

·         Honey and banana

·         Salmon, spinach and cream cheese

·         Eggs and grilled bacon

·         Cream cheese and grilled bacon/ quality ham

·         Tomatoes and cottage cheese

If you don’t eat breakfast at the moment it can be tough starting to eat early in the morning, but try introducing something small such as a banana and slice of wholemeal toast, or yoghurt and piece of fruit.

Lastly, cut out the sugar from your tea and coffee. If you have 2 sugars in your tea and have 3 cups a day that works out as 42 teaspoons of sugar per week! Cutting this out will 100% start to shed the pounds.