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Energise offer 3 packages

I offer a 30 minute initial free consultation to make sure you feel comfortable with myself and the gym, and to talk through your goals, nutrition and medical background. After the consultation, if you are happy you can choose from three options.

  • BioSignature

    The BioSignature package is a 6 week programme that involves 2 training sessions a week, weekly body fat measurements and a nutrition plan that is suited to your body type. Each week we review your measurements, and your nutrition plan to ensure you get the best results.

    During the initial assessment I will take your body fat measurements over 12 sites. The results of these 12 sites will allow me to understand your body’s hormonal imbalance and which food types are best suited to your body type. From the results I will be able to design a individualised nutrition, lifestyle and exercise programme. Your body fat distribution is determined by your various levels of oestrogen, cortisol and insulin. By making specific changes to your nutrition and exercise programme I can influence the specific areas of fat storage.

    Price: £760


  • Standard Personal Training packages.

    You can choose to purchase blocks of 10 or 20 training sessions. This is a great option if you are looking to get in shape but don’t have a specific deadline. I will take measurements on your first session and will review these measurement every few weeks (depending on your goals). I will also discuss your nutrition and suggestion changes and meal plans that will help you archive your targets.

    £550 for 10 personal training sessions
    £1000 for 20 personal training sessions
  • Train with a friend.

    Same as the personal training packages above, but you can train with a friend and share the cost.

    I train all my clients at The Vault gym, which is a private personal training gym not open to the public. It’s a lovely venue with a wide range of equipment.

    £750 for 10 sessions

To Book Your Free 30 Minute Consultation Call 07838 112157

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How much does it cost?

For personal training sessions there are two options. £500 for 10 sessions or £900 for 20 sessions. You can also choose to train with a friend for £750 for 10 sessions to help share the cost.

As the gym is a private personal training gym, it’s not open to the public so there are no membership costs on top.

Refer a friend

We have a great referral scheme where if you refer a friend who becomes a personal training client you will receive a free session for yourself. If you refer a friend you get the next boot camp course for £49 instead of £99!

Nutritional advice

All our personal training clients receive nutritional advise tailored to them and their goals. At your free consultation we will talk through your diet and will give you a food and mood diary to fill in before your first session. From this we will advise you want to be eating in order to meet your goals. Additionally, we send out bi-weekly newsletters which contain extra tip bits on nutrition and exercises- every bit helps right.

What should I wear?

To get the most out of your training, wear clothes and trainers that you are comfortable to train in