Testimonials from the Energise family

Eight months ago I felt really rubbish about my body, I was tired a lot of the time, my moods were pretty up and down and everything wobbled. I knew fitness and body confidence were the answer for me but the thought of a personal trainer was a bit intimidating and I told myself it was too much of a luxury.  I have tried diets and random fitness plans before, but boredom normally kicks in and my enthusiasm runs out after a couple of weeks and then I go back to old bad habits.   In another attempt to get some change, I joined a boot-camp and that’s when I met Ali – friendly, fun, patient, supportive without shaming me and most importantly extremely effective.  Boredom wasn’t really an option.  I then thought how much more I might get from one-to-one sessions… I was right!  I am still working on some of my wobbles, but my body is shrinking as I write (thanks to all those core muscle exercises), I have stacks more energy and feel happier in myself.   My boyfriend is loving the change too – both my new shape and self-confidence. Worth every penny.

A big thank you to Ali and all her hard work, advice and support.  She is fab and I can’t recommend her enough.


I’m thrilled with the difference training with Ali has made to my life. I feel healthier than I ever have. Her friendly and dedicated methods are what makes Energise stand out from the rest…


I started working with Ali in March 2011, after seeing her achieve the impossible with my sister.

I am a very active 53 year old woman but I continually had pulled or torn muscles etc. After many visits to physiotherapists and osteopaths I was told I need to build up the supporting muscles and get better balance and core strength to prevent injuries.

I was surprised at how difficult the first few sessions were until I realised there are a whole range of muscles I was not using and so the impact was immense on my body strength.

Ali is a great trainer who in a strong quiet way, gets you to do things you did not think possible. She is reliable, organised and great fun to work out with. She has now also trained my sons (one after injury) and we all hold her in high regard. I have no hesitation in recommending Ali to you.


I made my first visit to Ali with a mixture of trepidation, worry and utter fear. Throughout that first session, I was convinced that I was going to die any minute despite her sensitive and careful handling of my concerns. Now some 9 months later, I realise that making the decision to start working out with her, and more importantly, persevering, was one of those life changing moments.

Never would I have believed that I would have ended up as someone who gets up early on a Saturday and Sunday to go to the gym, seek out training facilities whilst on holiday or give up chocolate for good! How it happened I am not entirely clear, but Ali’s careful handling, constant encouragement, continual pushing me just enough to make it hurt, yet keeping me motivated, has created a desire within me to get and stay fit. As a result, with careful eating, (not any fad diets) the weight has steadily come off.

Ali’s support, patience, good humour and encouragement as well as her obvious expertise have all contributed towards any achievement I have made and I can only recommend her without reservation.


Training sessions with Ali are a proper workout and incredibly good fun. She has got me over an injury I had given up thinking I could recover from, improved my running performance, my posture, given me confidence, and in general I enjoy all the sports I do all the more because of what she’s done for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable, great fun and tailors our sessions to how we feel, what we need, and what we really enjoy. As a result, you really make progress.  I couldn’t recommend her more – she’s brilliant.


I started training with Ali once a week from about mid July. I had become a bit unfit and was in need of some toning and slimming down. She was very dedicated in measuring me, weighing me and reassuring me. She gave me a detailed eating plan, coached me on what to do exercise-wise and was always friendly and focused in our training. I am happy to report that it is a month later and I have already lost 3-5 cm all over my body. I feel so much better about myself and am enjoying exercise again. I feel determined to get back to fit and trim Adele and I know Ali can help me achieve this goal. I recommend her services to anyone who wants a new lease on life- she is a great, compassionate and practical personal trainer. Very happy indeed.


I was very fit as a young person but let myself drift into my 40’s having not looked after myself for some time. I had gained a lot of weight and was really out of condition. My daughter was worried about me and secretly enlisted the help of the Energise Personal Training Scheme. When Ali entered my life at Easter 2010 I was very nervous as I has the same fear of failing as I’d had with every fad diet I’d tried. Well I needn’t have worried. It was tough at the start because I was so unfit but over the last 9 months she has helped me with all areas of my well being. I am stronger, fitter and feel more vital than I have in years. Ali has a great technique of making you feel comfortable during the session with her easy going warm personality so you don’t notice you are actually being worked to capacity! I couldn’t ask for anyone better because she understands how to get the best out of me and even after a hard day’s work and I don’t really want to exercise I always feel better when I have, No matter what your age, take it from an ex couch potato that  Ali is a great person to help you improve not only your level of fitness but the quality of your life – and you only get one!